Top 7 Reasons to Get V4.94 Digiprog 3

Good news,V4.94 Digiprog 3 new arrival on Eobd2.fr.V4.94 digiprog 3 is latest version of Digiprog 3, add more car models on the basic of V4.88. Digiprog 3 is a cost-effective mileage correction tool, which supports multi-language and full range or vehicle.
Top 7 Reasons to Get  V4.94 Digiprog 3 :

1. Newest Version: V4.94
2. Supported Languages: Deutsch, English, Espanol, French, Portuguese, Italiano, Turkish, Nederlands.
3. Worldwide leader in digital speedo programming and correction software.
4. Quality standards are second to none.
5.Years of experience in digital vehicle engineering.
6. Professional technical service.
7. Has ST01/02 and ST04 Adapter in the Package Already, No Need to Buy Them Alone

 Some Important Tips for Using Digiprog 3:

1. Always connect the Eeprom to the ST01 or ST04 before you connect to the DigiProg this will avoid Electro static feedback (ESD).
2. Never solder the connections whilst the lead is connected to the programmer, this will damage the DigiProg.
3. Always keep your DigiProg in its case when not in Use & keep it in a dry environment at night (don’t leave it in the trunk of your car) If you are using solvents to remove lacquers’ from Eeprom’s ensure that they are cleaned 4. completely as the solvent can damage the clips.

Product link:http://www.eobd2.fr/v4.94-digiprog3-odometer-master-programmer-entire-kit.html


How to update Nissan Navigation System Map Data

Reason for update your Nissan map data:

1) With updated maps for your NISSAN navigation system, there’ll be less time wasted heading down the wrong road. Your navigation system gives you the ability to find the shortest and quickest routes to your destinations as well as the locations of all of the points of interest that matter most to you.

2) Updated maps enable the best navigation experience through the best routes, a reliable detour, the closest petrol station, the nearest hospital, restaurants, and more. You’ll also be equipped with the locations of businesses, landmarks, and emergency services that have been added to the map or changed.

3) Update the map data assures you of the highest performance and reliability attainable when navigating, whether you have a destination in mind or wish to quickly and easily locate gas stations, police stations, hospitals, pharmacies, ATMs and more.


How to update your Nissan map data:

1) Go to the 4s or your Nissan dealer to update every 12 – 18 months at $100 – $150.

2) Own yourself a Nissan Consult 3 Software. Input an activation code in order to use the updated maps. The result will be saved on the GTR card. Through high-speed data update system, it is possible to update map data in approximately 20 minutes with the new CARWINGS navigation system (hard-disk) equipped in the all-new Skyline and other future products.

Save time, money and fuel and get updated maps for your Nissan today.—-Written by eobd2.fr .



Where to free download BMW Scanner 2.0.1 Software

Software of BMW Scanner 2.0.1 is now available to be downloaded free on EOBD2. Different from other ones that only work for one time, as I have proved it, this software can work alright (I have been using the tool for weeks. By far, everything is fine).

BMW Scanner 2.0.1 2.01 is a newer model than BMW Scanner 1.4.0. It supports all electronic control units DTC reading and clearing for BMW 1, 3, 5, 6 and 7 series in “new” chassis.


BMW Scanner Functions:

1. Connecting with all electronic control modules in the vehicle.
2. For all electronic control units reading identification data, sw/hw versions, user information fields.
3. For all electronic control units read and clear error (DTCs) memories – standart, shadow, history memory.
4. Possibility to read/program memory of electronic control units (including CAS modules).

You can download the BMW Scanner software from here: Free BMW Scanner 2.0.1 Software

Be sure to disable/uninstall anti-virus software before installing the software. Because some anti-virus software may think our package is virus-carrying and destroy it due to application file like .exe in it. Our product software is completely safe and virus free and all other virus scanners confirm this.


Toyota Techstream: Reference point for all new users

In the beginning, getting a personal working version of Techstream up and running was a tricky trial and error process. With more experience, some of the difficulties have been worked out. Fortunately for those just joining the group, it’s easier now. But through the research process, you might not realize this. Here is the most basic start to finish setup process to save time and redundant Q&A exchanges.

First: Check 32 or 64 bit windows 7/ XP and decide if you’re installing this software

Decide if you’re installing this software on a 32 bit or 64 bit system. Some of the cables only have 32 bit drivers available, but tweaking the files to install them on 64 bit systems is possible if your abilities allow it. Depending on your confidence level and computer knowledge, your choice may already be made.

1) To find out if your computer is running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, do the following:
Open System by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, right-clicking Computer, and then clicking Properties.
Under System, you can view the system type.

2) If your computer is running Windows XP, do the following:
Click Start.
Right-click “My Computer” and then click Properties.

If you don’t see “x64 Edition” listed, then you’re running the 32-bit version of WindowsXP.

If “x64 Edition” is listed under System, you’re running the 64-bit version of Windows XP.

For the easier setup, go with a 32 bit windows system, a 64 bit system that you can run a 32 bit virtual machine on, or get one of the cables that have 64 bit drivers available. The simplest gig would be to find an old 32 bit XP laptop, or fork over another week’s allowance for a Mangoose MFC so you can use Techstream on a 64 bit laptop easily. The descriptions for the cables and the available drivers for each are below. This decision will dictate which cable is best for you.

Second: Get yourself a cable, E.G Toyota Techstream 

Get yourself a cable. Getting Techstream won’t do you any good without something to connect to a car. The cable you choose will set the stage for what extra work will be necessary to get the Techstream software functional.

Drew Technologies Mongoose Pro MFC - Most expensive, but most likely highest quality and best supported of all aftermarket cable options. It will be any cable looking like this that you can find by searching for Mangoose Toyota Techstream etc on well-known B2C sites and Personal sites E.G www.eobd2.fr. 32 and 64 bit driver downloads are available on the manufacturer’s website as well as in my link later in this post making for easy setup on any computer.
Drew Technologies Mongoose MFC (not Mongoose Pro) – Originally used by dealerships for Techstream Lite, they range in price from $50ish to about as much as about $400-500 depending on who is selling it and how ignorant they are about the item they have. Under $100 MINI VCI is an awesome price for any original Mongoose MFC though. 32 and 64 bit driver downloads are still available on the manufacturer’s website as well as in my link later in this post making for easy setup on any computer.

Chinese MVCI - Most commonly used in forums. These cables all look mostly the same although the font on the sticker seems to switch between normal and italic depending on where it’s made, but they all usually say the same stuff on the label (Mini-VCI J2534 Standard OBDII Interface). Tons of these from all over the place (mostly China/Hong Kong) can be found on the well-known B2C sites and Personal sites E.G www.eobd2.fr  by just searching for Techstream. The available driver for these cables requires 32 bit system only. To tweak the files for 64 bit installation, refer to this thread post: (Solution) Mini VCI + Toyota TIS Techstream 8.x on Windows 7/8 64-bit. – Toyota 4Runner Forum – Largest 4Runner Forum
If this is within your abilities, this is the most affordable cable and can be used on 32 bit and 64

XHorse MVCI - More affordable than the Mangoose products. The Chinese MVCI cable is a clone of the guts of this XHorse cable which is why their cables come with a disc with XHorse drivers.
All of these cables have been used by experienced DIY Techstream users and information for setting them up is readily available throughout this thread as well as in the instructions below.
Third: Find Techstream software

Now you need the software. Techstream software can be found all over the place, and there are many versions floating around in the various Techstream threads in different forums. The version updates are simply bug fixes and new model support. With bug fixes and version updates, new bugs arrive, so the biggest benefit to the newer versions is simply model support. The current latest version supports all models through 2014.

Here (hopefully) is a consolidated source for the software as well as simple setup instructions and common cable drivers:

Toyota Techstream V9.30.002 download:

If this link doesn’t work, the availability of Techstream software is still pretty good. The sources for downloading it change, drop, respawn elsewhere and so on and so forth. You no longer need the patch files, TISKEY files or anything else to activate the software. Just follow the instructions below. Digging through the forum threads for links to download is the best start for the software if you can’t get it here.

Fourth: Techstream Setup Instruction

Put it together, this is information from the eobd2.fr file available above but included here as a clean walk through.

Setup Instructions for 32 bit MVCI, 32 bit XHORSE, and 32 or 64 bit Mangoose
Please make sure your windows system is 32bit(Windows xp or 7) or that you have a Mangoose cable in which case you’ll have the 32 or 64 bit driver for your cable as needed and these instructions will work fine, or refer here: (Solution) Mini VCI + Toyota TIS Techstream 8.x on Windows 7/8 64-bit. – Toyota 4Runner Forum – Largest 4Runner Forum for 64 bit MVCI/XHORSE cable installation instructions.

step1. Install “TIS_Techstream_Setup.exe”

step2. After the installation, don’t run the Techstream software.

2.1 Install the cable driver for whichever cable you’re using such as MVCI (xhorse) driver or Mangoose cable driver.
2.2 If you ran the MVCI driver, this step will probably not be necessary, but other cable drivers may require you to change Techstream Function value. Now is the time to check the function setting by following these instructions:

To activate any version of techstream, install whichever techstream .exe you choose, then open My Computer, C: Program files\Toyota Diagnostics \Techstream\Env

open IT3System.ini file and scroll down to


Switch TISFunction=1 to TISFunction=0

Click File, and Save.

step3. Now run the Techstream software. Again in this case, the MVCI driver may bypass this, or if you opened Techstream before installing those drivers, these fields may show up. If they do:
3.1 Select any region.
3.2 Select the language you want,
3.3 Put anything you want in the registration fields then OK.

step4. Interface Select
4.1 Click the [Setup] menu, then click the [VIM Select], then select the cable you’re using in the drop down list of “Interface Setup”, then Click [OK]

Fifth: What Techstream is good for? How to connect it with vehicle and how to diagnose Toyota

Techstream? What is it good for?

This software is used by the dealers to communicate directly with the on-board computers in all 1996-present Toyota, Scion, and Lexus models.

Start by connecting to the vehicle. Turn your ignition key ON and click the Connect to Vehicle button at the left. Various fields may be required at the first connection prompt. TMMK product (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky) can be found on the inside of the door jamb if this applies. VSC or w/o VSC, Smark Key or w/o Smart Key, and Laser cruiseor w/o Laser Cruise are some of the most common options asked for in this first menu. For newer models, the majority of these fields auto-populate, but for some older models, you may need to manually select all information for the vehicle you’re connecting to.

Once connected, you’ll see a window displaying all of the ECUs your vehicle has. Most didn’t realize their car had this many computers. All of these ECUs are expensive, so now you know exactly which parts some of those monthly car payments are paying for. The legend describes the status of each ECU. Yellow for all unknown ECU status, White means communication with ECU is normal, White with asterisk means the software either isn’t connecting properly to this particular ECU, or your car doesn’t have this ECU but it was included in the list like many generic ECUs are.

From the start, they will all show up yellow because you haven’t actually connected specifically to any of them yet. Running a health check (blue button near the left edge) will actually force the software to dig through each ECU one by one to check for stored information such as diagnostic trouble codes. You will probably wait a minute or two for this depending on how many ECUs your vehicle has. Having the vehicle running usually makes the health check more complete. The health check report will display a new window with the ECUs found and give you any Diagnostic Trouble Codes stored in each one. You can now click System Select near the top left tab to go back to the display of all ECUs and their status.

Each ECU controls a particular part of the car whether it be the engine, the anti theft, or the tire pressure monitor system TPMS. Double clicking any ECU or clicking once and clicking the green arrow at the lower right will take you to the list of DTCs for that ECU. Hopefully you’ll have none. Pending or Current codes are current problems. Pending means it has identified a problem, but the system may be set up to wait until it sees it again to confirm it is a problem that you should be made aware of by storing it as Current and turning the Check Engine Light or Message Indicator Light MIL on.

You can also enter most ECUs and check the Utility button to the left of the screen. You may find individual customization options within each that you wish to change. If you aren’t sure what it is, it’s best to leave it alone.

Techstream is capable of far far more than these simple things, but for first time use, those simple tasks will at least get you more familiar with the software and how to navigate it.


Renault Can clip V143 NEW Feature, software download and installation

News : No specifics news, Only add/update Ecu’s Diagnostic from existing cars.

Renault Can clip V143 NEW Feature:
1)    No new vehicles for this version
2)    You can now perform more operation using the VI connected via Bluetooth:
Diagnose can now be performed on <<ASDE>> vehicles when the VI is connected via Bluetooth. Secure learning (key, UCH, Injection, etc.) can now be carried out while the VI is connected via Bluetooth.

Please note, that a VI probe connected to a V143 Clip can only be used with earlier versions of Clip by means of a USB connection.
Some users gave our feedback, they have successfully tested on:
1)    working with RTL 2002
2)    Work great,,,,proved today into my car renault megane 3,,,work like a sharm
3)    Tested and good work on old clip sonde (clone)

Renault Can clip V143 Download:
(Note: download them all, right click them all and unzip them, only do like this, can they work)

Very important Note on Renault Can clip V143 Install instruction:
1. Uninstall ANY previous “OLD” Version from V116 and BACK Renault CAN-CLiP if you have!
(IF ALL READY you have ANY Version from V117 –> & UP, just you can make an Update
with this LATEST Release…)
NOTE: IF you making an update and you got the message about “NOT CLiP Platform”
just re-apply the “Crack! Reanult CAN-Clip.reg” and then move on.
CLiP it will tell you “1st Installation”, but DO NOT worry!
Just move on as usual…

2. IF you making your 1st Installation: Run the “Crack! Reanult CAN-Clip.reg” 1ST OF ALL!

After these steps done, install now this NEW Renault CAN-CLiP Version.
NOTE: Manage about the Language that you want to use, to have ALL READY
configured your Regional & Language Settings in your Control Panel!
Example: You want to Install & to use your CLiP with Greek Language! : )
Then use Greek Language in your Regional & Language Settings in your
Control Panel in: Regional Options (2x options) & in Advanced (1x option).
More installation details, please refer to “Renault CAN-CLiP Install Instructions.txt” contained in the download package.


Top 6 reasons to get FVDI Renault

ABRITES Commander for Renault is professional software mainly for programming the new key/card of Renault Vehicles.Now new update to 2015 version,buy this FVDI Renault ,get Hyundai/Kia/Tag Key Tool software free on Eobd2 shop.


Top 6 reasons to get FVDI Renault:

1. Software Version: V6.2
2. Languages: English Only
3. Buy Renault Software,Get Hyundai/Kia/Tag Key Tool Software Free
4. ABRITES Commander for Renault is professional software mainly for programming the new key/card of Renault Vehicles.
6. Update: Before update, you need advise the FVDI ID first, we will check if the ID is in the update list which can be update by email, if not in the list, can not do it yourself. you need send back the multiplexer to us for updating. and you need pay for the shipping cost of it

Notice: Do not support key program for megane 3 and fluence

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