How to use Lexia-3 PP2000 XS Evolution to Program New Keys for Peugeot

Lexia 3 PP2000 XS Evolution with Diagbox V7.57 is an auto diagnostic tool that supports read identification and read fault codes (for normal use) etc. for most of Citroen and Peugeot vehicles from 1995 to 2013, while here I would like to show you how to program Peugeot new keys with Lexia-3.

Attention: PIN Code is required during key programming procedure Record your vehicle PIN code first..

Procedure to program Peugeot new keys:
1. Install and activate Lexia 3 xs Evolution PP2000 V25 diagnostic software.
2. Select vehicle model 307 and wait until the well communication built.
3. Check the entering vehicle information.

entering vehicle information

4. Select the application as “Peugeot Plant 2000? and confirm it.

Peugeot Plant 2000

5. Select test by ECU;
6. Choose “Built-in systems interface”;

Built-in systems interface

7. The system is reading the ECU in progress, follow and accept the windows prompts.
8. Select “Learning” option under carry out the tests menu display.

Learning” option under carry out the tests menu display

9. Select “Programming of keys”;

Programming of keys

10. The system will display key programming procedure when activation process is completed Confirm to continue;
11. Confirm Unlocking the E.C.U program;
12. Manually enter the “Confidential code” (PIN Code).

Confidential code

13. The system is verifying the PIN code If the code is correct, the built-in systems interface is ready for programming of keys;
14. Enter the key number to be learnt. The number of keys to be programmed can not exceed 5.

Enter the key number to be learnt

15. Follow the screen prompt to switch off the ignition
16. Then switch ignition to ON within 15 seconds.

switch ignition to ON within 15 seconds

17. Key programmed, switch off the ignition and take out the key.

switch off the ignition and take out the key

18. Switch ignition ON again and insert the next key in the ignition. Repeat the key programming procedure to program another key. When complete programming, the system will display keys that are programmed.

display keys that are programmed

19. Follow the screen instructions Check the handbrake is on For an automatic gearbox, check the gear level is in position “P” For a manual gearbox, check that the gear level is in neutral..;
20. Follow the re-synchronies the HF remote controls procedure to operate until the “End of key programming procedure” notice displays. Exit the program.

Exit the program

Another Lexia-3 xs Evolution (SP08-D), while the Lexia-3 above is SP08-C;
What are the differences for SP08-C Lexia-3 and SP08-D Lexia 3?
1. SP08-C Lexia 3 is made by original chip It is more stable.;
2. SP08-C Lexia 3 support Peugeot 307 models, but not good for Citroen C5, while SP08-D Lexia 3 does Not support Peugeot 307 and Citroen C5;
3. SP08-D Lexia 3 has one more cable than SP08-C Lexia 3.


Modify ELM327 OBD2 scanner to work on Ford ECU

In this guide, we will explain how to update your Ford Focus’s / Kuga’s / C-Max’s / Mondeo’s / S-Max’s / Galaxy’s ECU settings yourself, just like the people at Ford can, for less then £10, using a app program called ELMConfig… If you wanted to enable such features as automatic locking of the doors as soon as you drive away, open and close your car windows from your remote key fob, Ford would charge you by the hour for activating these on your car, but you can now do this yourself with two simple bits of kit at a fraction of the price.

Some possible self activated features include:

  • Reversing gear sound (Don’t know why you would need this, the car chimes when put into reverse)
  • Auto door locking
  • Total Closure (Close & Open windows from your remote key fob)
  • Ford Eco Mode (Gimmick application to see if you can drive smoother)
  • Stereo Information within the dial cluster
  • Bluetooth (Phone) information within the dial cluster
  • Gear shift indicator
  • Auto Heated windscreen (If temperature outside is low)
  • Full list outlined at the bottom of the post.


First you will need to buy a ELM 327 OBDII Interface– To get full functionality and to enable all options above, you will need to modify this device, as out of the box, you will only be able to edit certain aspects on the High Speed Can network within the car (Can Hi).

Alternatively, you can get an un-modified ELM327 USB Interface OBDII Scanner here.

ELM327 USB Interface OBDII Scanner-1

You will need to have the following tools available:

  • Soldering Iron
  • Wire Cutters / Pliers
  • Wire (Different colours if possible – but not important)
  • Electrical Tape
  • Screw Driver
  • SMTS (Sub Mini Toggle Switch) – Miniature Toggle Switch ON/ON Dual 3A

As there are two types of network in the new model Fords (as with most other cars), there are two different ways how these connections have to be interpreted. The two systems are known as CAN-High and CAN-Low (CAN+ CAN-) – this can also be known as High Speed CAN Bus (HS CAN) and Mid-Speed CAN Bus (MS-CAN).

ELM327 Modification

First peel off the sticker on the front of the ELM OBD module, to reveal 4 positive head screws

ELM327 Modification-2

ELM327 Modification-3

Now the ELM is open, you can remove both white plugs pictured below – this will allow us some space to work with.

both white plugs pictured-1both white plugs pictured-2both white plugs pictured-3both white plugs pictured-4both white plugs pictured-5

You can also remove the OBD plug by pulling the plug out of the housing, this will allow us to cut the required wires.

remove the OBD plug-1

We will be re-wiring the plug as per the wiring diagram below:

re-wiring the plug as per the wiring diagram

Using the diagram above, you will need to cut 6 strips of wire (3 amp) around 2 inch long. If you have different colours, this can help, if not, make sure you label each wire to help distinguish between the wires. All the pins are numbered on the OBD port which helps a lot. Shrink wrap all wires, this makes it look neat, and stops shorts that may happen when putting everything together. And make sure your soldering iron is nice and hot before soldering any joints.

You will need a mini switch which looks like the following (must have 6 prongs – on-on switch):

must have 6 prongs – on-on switch


  • De-solder pin 6 from the OBD port (Make Sure you label this wire if you have not used colour cable)
  • De-solder pin 14 from the OBD port (Make sure you label this wire if you have not used colour cable)
  • Solder pin 6 (which you just de-soldered) to the middle pin on your switch (middle bottom in diagram)
  • Solder pin 14 (which you just de-soldered) to the other middle pin on your switch (middle top in diagram)
  • Solder new wire to pin 14 on the OBD port side
  • Solder new pin 14 wire to the right hand side of the switch (top right in diagram)
  • Solder new wire to pin 6 on the OBD port side
  • Solder new pin 6 wire to the right hand side of the switch (bottom right in diagram)
  • Solder new wire to pin 11 (should be blank)
  • Solder new pin 11 wire to the left hand side of the switch (top left in the diagram)
  • Solder new wire to pin 3 (should be blank)
  • Solder new pin 3 wire to the left hand side of the switch (bottom left in the diagram)

This should complete the wiring modification. Now drill a hole into the plastic moulding (as I have done in my picture below)

drill a hole into the plastic moulding

Put everything back together, and you should have a fully functioning OBD reader/writer which you can use with the following program (ELMConfig).


Now you need the program: ELMConfig:

Also available from the developer’s website: http://civil.iffc.ru/ELMConfig/

If you get “Missing ******.ocx” errors when opening the program, . You will need to download the Runtime Pack installer, and let it run (Local Download)

This program (EMLConfig) will allow you to modify ECU features, to activate or de-activate options which were only accessible by putting your car into the local Ford dealership.

Now this can be a very dangerous tool, so use this with care – make sure you make a backup of each of the settings before you write to your ECU. I will explain how this is done further into the guide.

When you open ELMConfig, you will be presented with the following screen:

open ELMConfig

First select “English” if its set to Russian, then plug your ELM cable into your laptop, and then select the COM Port it has connected within the PC. Leave the speed set to 38400, and then select your vehicle from the connection type. I have a Ford Focus ST MK2 (Focus II), so I will be using this to explain how this is used.

Press the “Open Port” button, and the ELM will connect to your car.

ELM will connect to your car

This is the main screen of ELMConfig – Along the left hand side is the main module navigation, with the Low CAN & High CAN modules. Below this, you can read the fault codes within each module, and also clear the codes to prevent the warning lights showing.

As you click through each of the modules in ELMConfig, you will see the information tab, clicking the read button on each of these screens will read information from the cars ECU modules and display the information.

The configuration can be changed within the “Configuration” screens, but before you make any changes, make sure you click the “Read From ____” button, then press the “Save” button, which will back up the standard settings, allowing you to revet back to these if you somehow manage to mess things up.

The current configurable settings I have a grasp of are as follows:

General Electric Module (GEM)

Configuration Page 1 allows you to configure timing – These functions will need to be enabled/disabled in other screens

  • Headlight Washing Time (0.01-2.55 sec)
  • Three Flash Indicator Activation Time (0.05-12.75 sec) – How long you hold the indicator down for until 3 flash is de-activated
  • Delay time to turn off “Get Home Safe Lights” (1-255 sec)
  • Delay time to turn off Courtesy (interior) lighting (1-255 sec)
  • Delay time for “Theatre”/Courtesy (interior) lighting fade from/to (0.01-2.55 sec) – Make the fade longer or shorter
  • Battery Saver function – how long to keep interior lights on for without ignition (1-255 sec)
  • Delay before auto re-locking is active again (1-255 sec) – Using the key to open the doors and no one enters, the car will re-lock its self after stated seconds
  • Auto lock car once vehicle is greater then X km/h (1-255)

Configuration Page 2

  • Indicator 3 Flash Mode (Enable/Disable)
  • Autolocking (Enabled/Disabled) -Ifallowedthiswill be checked
    • Autolocking enabled by customer (if above enabled, and you would like the car to lock as soon as you drive, check this)
    • Autolocking with Re-Autolocking (if someone gets out the car, and you drive again, the doors will auto re-lock)
  • Double Locking / Dead Locking (Enabled/Disabled) -Ifallowedthiswill be checked
    • Double Lock (Dead Lock) with One Remote Press – Will dead lock the car with one press of the remote lock key (instead of pressing the lock button twice to dead lock the car)
  • Drivers Door Unlocking with one press of the remote unlock button (Enabled/Disabled)
  • Heated Windows Auto Switch On (Will automatically come on when cold outside upon ignition)
  • Windows Global Opening (Enable/Disable) – Windows will open when holding down keyfob open button
  • Windows Global Closing (Enabled/Disabled) – Windows will close when holding down keyfob lock button
  • Windows Global Stop (Enabled/Disabled) – Windows will stop when keyfob button pressed

Configuration Page 3

  • Heated Front Windscreen (Enabled/Disabled) – Not sure why you would disable this
  • Headlight washer jet (Enabled/Disabled)
  • Auto Wipers (Enabled/Disabled) – Only if you have a rain sensor fitted
  • Rear Wiper Present (Checked/Unchecked)
    • Reverse Rear Wiper Feature (Enabled/Disabled)
    • Reverse Rear Wiper Initial Wipe (Enabled/Disabled) – If auto wipers enabled, and car is put into reverse, rear window wiper will wipe (if rain is detected)
  • Global Opening/Closing Only After Keyfob button released (Enabled/Disabled)
  • Auto-Relocking to last lock state (Enabled/Disabled) – If key is accidental pressed and no one enters the vehicle, the auto-relocking function will lock car back to how you locked it previously

Restraint Control Module (RCM)

  • Seatbelt warning light (on/off)
  • Seatbelt warning sound (on/off)
  • Passenger air bag deactivation switch fitted (enabled/disabled)
  • Passenger airbag deactivation indicator light fitted (enabled/disabled)

Hybrid Electric Cluster (HEC)

  • Shift light (6500 rpm)
  • Overspeed warning sound (km/h)
  • Reverse warning sound (on/off)

The following additional options on top of standard options can be added to the centre screen. They can also be removed again, as can standard options already present if you wish, such as Clock:

  • ESP checkbox & status
  • Voice control
  • Fuel cap sensor (if fitted??)
  • Radio info
  • Phone info
  • Measure Unit menu
  • Eco shift up
  • Eco Mode

BMW E46 SMG Coding with BMW ICOM WinKFP software

Here is an example of coding BMW E46 M3 (with SMG2 transmission) Euro SMG mode also called “CSL Coding” with BMW ICOM engineering and developing WinKFP coding software.


BMW ICOM ISTA/D ISTA/P with WinKFP 5.1.6 or newer version software HDD and 46 data files

BMW ICOM A2+B+C diagnostic and programming tool

Stable power supply 13-14V at 10A (very important)


  • Configure WinKFP

Well install BMW ICOM ISTA/D ISTA/P software HDD

Select and run WinKFP software on the desktop

Click Import/Export ->Import ->Assembly Line Data


Browse to the unzipped SP-Daten-E46 folder and select the “data” folder. Press “OK” and wait a few minutes to load the data.


Click “Configuration” and do some settings, language, file destination etc, make sure the program configuration setting is the same as picture below:


Save settings and exit WinKFP software.

2) Flash/Program CSL module

Browse the unzipped SP-Daten-E46 folder to:

Copy the contents of the ecu folder to C:/EDIABAS/Ecu

Copy the contents of the sgdat folder to C:/EC-APPS/NFS/SGDAT

Run WinKFP software again

Turn ignition ON

NOTE: Keep the vehicle voltage at 13-14V. If the voltage is below 12.5V or above 14.5V, the flashing procedure may fail and results in brick the module.

Run WinKFP and select “Comfort Mode”

Click “Enter ZUSB”, select ECU type: GDSMG2 and choose ZB-number: 7843255. Click OK.


Click “Enter VIN” and manually enter 17-digit VIN correctly

Press “Done” You will be displayed the vehicle information and the boost section update activated message.


Click “F3: Program”. WinKFP will give you a message about having X number of flashes available. Press Ok to accept the notice

The module flashing is processing. Accept the windows prompt if the flashing stops at 100%. And it will go faster and complete programming.

Turn ignition OFF

Turn ignition ON after 5 minutes. Clear the stored DTCs in control module with BMW INPA software.

Turn the ignition off and wait a few minutes again if the transmission error light is still on.

Start the engine and enjoy the improved shifts. You may need to run the SMG adaptation procedures.

The whole procedure takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Do not exit the software program or disconnect the BMW ICOM A2 diagnostic tool with vehicle, otherwise, the SMG module will be bricked.


Launch Creader CRP129 vs. CRP123 (black) vs. CRP123 (red)

There are several Launch Creader CRP scan tools on the aftermarket. What the difference among Creader VIII CRP 129, Creader VII+ CRP123 (black) and CReader Professional CRP 123 (red)?

In short, CRP129 is an upgraded version of CRP123. CRP123 (red and black) share same functions, but differ in vehicle coverage.

Check the table list below to view some detail comparison:

Item Creader VIII CRP129 Creader VII+ CRP123 (Black) CReader Professional CRP 123 (red)
Image  Creader VIII CRP129  Creader VII+ CRP123 (Black)  CReader Professional CRP 123 (red)
Manufacturer Launch X431 Tech
Function 1. OBDII full function2. OBDII DTCs search and help, read data stream3. Tested data record and playback4. Support 42 brand car, support read & clear DTCS, read data stream for Engine, Gearbox, ABS, SRS etc..5. Read dynamic data stream, reset oil service light, reset brake pads, calibrate steering angle sensor and reset Battery


1. OBDII full function2. OBDII DTCs search and help, read data stream3. Tested data record and playback4.Oxygen sensor test, carbon canister test5. Work with 20 brand car, help read & clear DTCS, read data stream for Engine, Gearbox, ABS, SRS etc.. 1. OBDII full function2. OBDII DTCs search and help, read data stream3. Tested data record and playback4. Work with 47 brand car, help read & clear DTCS, read data stream for Engine, Gearbox, ABS, SRS etc.. 


Update Update Online Update Online Update online
Protocol Standard OBDII and EOBD compliant vehicles
Language  English, French, Spanish, Chinese. Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Germany, Italian, Russian. English, French, Spanish
Vehicle model  Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Daweoo, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Infiniti, Lexus, Accura, Isuzu. Ford, EU-Ford, GM, ChryslerMini, Vauxhall, Dacia, Alfa-Romeo, Lancia, Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Benz, BMW, VW, Opel, Volvo, Fiat, Landrover, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Audi, Saab, Sprinter, Jaguar. Suzuki, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Infiniti, Lexus, Accura, Isuzu. Ford, GM, Chrysler, Benz, BMW, VW, Opel, Volvo, Fiat, Landrover, Seat, Skoda, Audi, Porsche, Saab, Jaguar. Audi, Australia Ford, Benz, BMW, Brilliance, Chevrolet, Chevy, Chrysler, Citroen, Dacia, Dadi, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Demo, Fiat, Ford, GM, Holden, Honda, Hyundai, Isuzu, Jaguar, Kia, Lancia, Land Rover, Mahindra, Maruti, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Renault, Romeo, Rover, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Subaru, Suzuki, Tata, Toyota, Volvo, VW, Yamah.
Price €204.60 €207.60 €140.00
NOTE 1)      Launch Creader Processional CRP123 covers more vehicle models than CRP129 and CRP123 (black)2)      The invention of CRP129 blurs the lines between a code scanner and a professional scan tool – it adds features such as steering angle reset, oil service light reset, brake pads reset, read dynamic data stream, not to mention along its complete generic OBDII. While the other two scan tools cannot.3)      Creader CRP129 runs faster than CRP123 red and black.4)       Creader VII+ CRP123 black can replace CRP123 definitely in functions.

Reset 2002 Astra-G ECM Using OPCOM 2010V

OPCOM 2010V Can OBD2 is mainly designed for almost all Opel vehicles diagnostics, even new cars with CAN-BUS based diagnostic, such as Vectra-C, Astra-H and Zafira-B.

OPCOM 2010V Can OBD2

The following part is about how OPCOM 2010V Can OBD2 Opel reset ECM (Engine Control Module) for 2012 Astra-G. You need to set ECM back to its factory default state prior to have a replacement/resetting. Under this case, you can install it into another car.

Hook up OPCOM scan tool to your vehicle and laptop;

You can check that the vehicle is immobilizer equipped – the Immobilizer Function Programmed is grey or not;

Open up the Immobilizer;

Go to “IMMO2 Special Functions”, and you will see “Reset Engine Control Module” function is available;

Click on the button and the swap will start.

Click on the button and the swap will start

Important Note:

  1. After using this function, you may not be able to start the engine.
  2. Each factory default state Engine ECU has some limited running time without immobilizer (max 10 attempts to be exact). After that number, the Engine ECU will lock itself, and no more start is allowed without a fully functioning immobilizer.
  3. before you swap or replace any immobilizer related component (Engine ECU, Immobilizer ECU), you have to reset them first.

The arming of the immobilizer has some delay (usually 5-10 min), so within five or ten minutes, you may be able to start the car. But after this delay expires, you won’t be able to start the engine at all, as the immobilizer will lock the vehicle. An indicator light (SVS, or MIL) will be flashing on the dash, showing an immobilizer related problem.

showing an immobilizer related problem

Kindly Note:

Never Update OPCOM Online, Otherwise Cause Damage!

Only €20 you can get OPCOM serial device back home, additionally offer 2 related products as below:

OPCOM OP-COM 2009 V CAN OBD2 for Opel

Opcom OP-Com 2010V Can OBD2 Opel Firmware V1.45



(Solved) AllScanner VCX-PLUS MULTI 99010 and 99011 Error

AllScanner Porsche Piwis Tester II V15.1 is the latest, professional and powerful diagnostic tester for Porsche vehicle after 2005. What’s more, comes with JLR V139 software to support Land Rover and Jaguar, and CF30 Laptop.

Here is an error feedback by one customer, the error message is reading as:

99010: The diagnostic system could be installed.

99011: Comm. Module not connected. Please check.

99011-Comm-Module not connected-Please check

According to the information shown on the laptop screen, Eobd2 Engineer think it will be the problem of the USB Driver.

Follow the steps below to do:

Connect the Porsche PIWIS Tester 2 interface with the computer, it will automatically show “New Hardware found”. Easily complete installation according to prompts. (Note: If the Prompt box shows in the backstage, you can press the button ALT+TAB to switch to “New Hardware found” box).

For further information on Original AllScanner VCX-PLUS MULTI (Porsche Piwis Tester II V15.1+LAND ROVER JLR V139) with CF30 Laptop, you can found via the following URL: