Installation Method to FG Tech Galletto 4-Master

Have you still felt difficult to find a satisfactory ECU chip tuning tool? If so, you may be interested in what I would like to introduce below. I want to share with others about my real experience with a good ECU chip tuning tool.

V54 FG Tech Galletto 4-Master is the fastest and most secure product on the market, which developed with high-speed USB2 Technology. It is famous chip tuning tool for all cars, such as trucks, motorcycles, marine, BDM MPCxx, BDM Boot Mode Tricore and checksum. Above all,  €69.00 is an acceptable for the comprehensive users.

Many users may be confused whether the installation is easy or not? And I have well finished the installation before; I hope my shared information will be helpful to you.


V54 FG Tech Galletto 4-Master installation instructions

1. Insert Galletto 4 CD in the package to PC, you are suggested to install it on single system, Win7 or Windows XP. (Highly recommend to use XP) It is friendlier than FG Tech V53.

2. Run FG tech Galletto Edited v1.0 Galletto setup, the steps are as follows:

put the installation file on the FG Tech new driver file (c://); )
Select Install from a list or specific location (advanced)
Select Install from a list or specific location
Put the installation file on the FG Tech new driver file (c://)

3. Run Galletto 4 on the desktop and reinstall FG Tech Galletto Edited v1.0 Galletto Setup again.

4. When finished, select languages, cars, and driver and so on as software prompts show.

Here is video (click lick below) for your reference, with it, you may be more clear about the whole procedure.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FH_V39N3FlM#t=21  —-Outil de scan OBD2


Reasons for Buying Autoboss V30 Elite Super Scanner

Autoboss SPX has launched a powerful diagnostic tool named Autoboss V30 Elite Super Scanner, which becomes very hot on the market. It can do reading and clearing and support key programming and electronic parking brake and so on.


Highlights of Autoboss V30

1. Original Autoboss V30 is a professional diagnostic tool which has self-learn function, comparison function and record function and so on. These 3 functions can be well expressed below:

(1) Self-Learn function enables the scanner to learn and save correct values for ECU live data parameters from a vehicle in good condition

(2) Comparison function can compare the learned values against the vehicle you are working on and highlight values which are out of range.

(3) Record function enables users to record the vehicle data when testing the vehicle. And users can send the recorded data back to AUTOBOSS head office for analysis, which will help users solve problems faster.

2. what Autoboss V30 elite super scanner supports is not only reading and clearing fault codes — goes far beyond and access the complete vehicle, including drive line, chassis, body and the networking/communication modules.

3. Auto V30 covers over 57 manufacturers with up to 148 systems per vehicle (totally around 4,000 vehicle systems). Best of all, the V30′s vehicle coverage continues to grow, with simple internet-ready updates accessible to you at the click of a button.

Best price Original Autoboss V30 Elite Super Scanner on eobd2. If you are interested in it or want to know more information about it, please do not hesitate to ask customer service for help.


Reliable ELM 327 USB CAN-BUS Scanner for Citroen C3 Diagnosis

Recently, my second-hand Citroen C3 2004 always let me down for the endless little troubles. So I decided to become a DIY user so that I can save money that should be paid for the garage. I am so confused when facing so many kinds of OBDII fault code scanners on the market.


Until yesterday, I bought an ELM 327 USB CAN-BUS scanner under the recommendation of a local mechanic. Of course, why I decided to buy is not only owing to a suggestion of professional mechanic, but also considered its practicality via demonstration.

Then, I wanted to have a stab on my Citroen C3 to verify the actual effect. I make communication between car computer and my PC via ELM327 USB CAN-BUS scanner, then I can get the information from car computer, also a hardware interface can do this. If done, I can have a good commander of your car condition. After reading out both generic and manufacturer-specific diagnostic trouble codes, and then immediately clear the trouble code. It is a good choice for my Citroen. What’ more, the whole process is user-friendly and easy to learn.

As I mentioned above, via ELM 327 we can have an understanding of car condition, such as, display current sensor, calculate load value, fuel system status and coolant temperature and so on, which almost cover the main aspects of car condition. —Outil de scan OBD2


Recommended D900 CANBUS Code Reader for Basic Use

Before buying an OBD II code scanner, it is advisable to take full consideration of its function, i.e. whether for basic use or professional use. If you tend to find one with basic use, you are recommended to choose D900 CANBUS code reader which only cost €22.00 with free shipping on Eobd2.


D900 CANBUS code reader can work with CAN-equipped vehicles, which make its coverage so wider. Additionally, it can retrieve vehicle information and determine the status of the malfunction indicator lamp. What’s more, it can reset the check engine line, read and clear all generic and manufacture-specific DTCs, view OBD II freeze frame data and so on.

Supported protocols

It supports CAN, KWP 2000, ISO 9141-2, J1850 VPW, J1850 PWM, ISO, VPW and PWM bus system as well as CAN BUS systems.

Supported car models

It is suitable for almost all cars after 1996, such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

What I tested on my Ford is only reading and clearing fault cod function. What I can say is that it does great work on this aspect. I would be appreciated when someone share with me more information about other functions.


How to solve FVDI for Opel/VAUXHALL Connection Error


I have been using the FVDI ABRITES Commander for Opel/VAUXHALL V6.2 programmer for half year. It works great with key programming, reading security code, reading& writing EEPROM, odometer correction, airbag reset etc.

The day before yesterday when run the FVDI ABRITES Commander for Opel/VAUXHALL V6.2 software, an error message reading “Connection Error: Interface not calibrated.”(Displays as the picture below)

I looked for technical support from eobd2.fr. I was required to provide the ID number and software information.

FVDI ABRITES Commander ID: F08629.

I purchased FVDI commander with VAG, Peugeot and Renault software.


They suggested sending the software back to their factory. Their experienced engineer will update the hardware and then send back the device. The problem will be settled. —-Outil de scan OBD2


Powerful diagnostic tool for Ford

Hi Joy,

Nowadays I try to find for my Ford a powerful car diagnostic tool. I have no direction to find a proper one, so I hope that you can give me a good recommendation. Of course, what I want it to do is not only for basic diagnosis, but also can do some ECU programming, such as ABS, Air Bag and Fuel Pumps and so on. Above all, it must, to a great extent, be a affordable price and easily-operated tool.


Dear Allen,

According to your e-mail, I do know your requirements for a diagnostic tool. As for them, I would like to have a suggestion for Ford VCM II IDS diagnostic tool. It equipped with basic functions, such as reading and clearing DTCs, guided fault find and so on. In addition to, Ford VCM II IDS also supports programming and installation of new ECUs.
At the same time, Ford VCM II IDS supports VMM and CFR which is an optional cable that allows the VCM II to monitor and recorder live data streams. It is an advantage for diagnosing.

Car list
Ford VCM II IDS supports full dealer diagnostic capability for most 16 pins Fords, including all new vehicles

Operating system
Windows XP

Supported languages
English, Italian, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), French, French (Canada), German, Dutch, Finish, Danish, Greek, Slovenian, American English, Vietnamese language, Turkish, Thai, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Norwegian, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Czech and Chinese.

Best regards,