XHORSE MVCI add new Rav4 remote steps

Tools you will need:
1.Original XHORSE MVCI 3 IN 1 TIS V9.30.002 – I got it from Eobd2.fr for €65.00 with free shipping. It does not have to be the latest V9.30.002, any old versions that support key programming will also do the job.
2.A blank key – I got a blank nice flip key from EBay.

Step 1 – Follow instructions on this site to get MVCI software installed your Windows 7 or 8 x64 laptop and program the immobilizer to see the new key:http://www.toyota-4runner.org/general-discussions/150824-solution-mini-vci-toyota-tis-techstream-8-x-windows-7-8-64-bit.html
Step 2 – Fire the Techstream software on the laptop, plug the MVCI cable into the RaveOBDII port and the other end into a USB port on the laptop.

Step 3 – Turn the ignition to ON, clicked on “Connect to Vehicle” and wait a few seconds until it negotiate the connection. It is when a window pop up showing that it has connected to the car.

Step 4 – Select “System Selection Menu”, “Main Body” and then “Utility” and then “Wireless Code Registration.”

Step 5 – At this point the “Wireless Code Registration Wizard” will pop up. Follow the prompts, and the programming is complete. Click “Exit”. This took about 2 minutes in total.

Step 6 – Next you should program the immobilizer chip so the key would actually start the engine. Select “System Selection Menu”, “Immobilizer” and shortly the “Immobilizer Live” tab appeared. Click “Utility” and “Key Registration”.

Step 7 – Now you will get another wizard pop up and ask to turn the ignition off, then back on and click next.

Step 8 – Turn it back off, remove the master key, insert the new key and click next. Then you will find the “Security” light started flashing, as a timer on the screen counted down from about 90 seconds while the ECU learned the new key code. Once the counter got down to zero, the immobilizer chip is successfully programmed.

Step 9 – Click “Next” and “Exit” button to finish the programming.


My real experience with Honda HDS Scanner

So I have had a lot of question on my Honda HDS Scanner clone setup lately so I thought I would do a bit of a review. HDS is a general term for Honda Diagnostic System. HIM is the specific tool (Honda Interface Module). Honda has had several tools, the HIM is two or three generations old, but the newer ones are not cloned yet (GNA600 & MVCI). I made a leap of faith and picked one up on EOBD2 to reprogram my TPMS sensors (I hate you Honda for this TPMS crap system). I have successfully used the TPMS features, CKP relearn, idle relearn, ECU reset, and cleared DTS faults. I belive this thing can data log, reprogram gauge clusters, and reprogram the immobilizer for new keys, but have not tried these things yet.

Here is a picture of mine if it helps.
It came with various connectors for self-verification testing too.

So the Honda HDS only has a RS232 DB9 serial port (no USB) and most laptops don’t have them anymore. The adaptor will plug into your laptops USB and replicate a RS232 port. You will probably need a RS232 to USB adaptor too. I have always had good luck with FTDI adapters (Future Technology Devices Intl – UC232R-10). The HDS will only connect to com port 1. So you may have to change your com port assigned number when you use a USB adapter. I have only used the HDS on a windows XP laptop so I cannot confirm this works on newer Windows.

Overall this is a very powerful tool that lets you do about everything the dealer can!
The factory service manual pretty much explains how to use the HDS in all of Hondas trouble shooting procedures. All of the things I have used have matched up, like TPMS and CKP relearn.

The seller has shared its software on its website, so anyone interested in the tool can check it out: http://www.eobd2.fr/v3002032-newest-version-honda-hds-him-diagnostic-tool-with-double-board.html in Technical Service.


Honda HDS IMMO PCM Code Calculator hit Eobd2’s shelves

A newly developed HDS IMMO PCM code calculator for Honda cars has hit Eobd2 shelves today.

It is a software that comes with a USB drive. The software supports pin code reading for both new and old Honda vehicle and is able to work together with original Honda HDS software.

Honda HDS IMMO PCM Code Calculator Functions:

1. Support old version HDS password 1 and password 2 calculation.
2. Support new version HDS PCM Code calculation.
3. Support Honda vehicle with 17 digit VIN number and Japanese produced Honda with 11 Digit VIN.

Honda HDS IMMO PCM Code calculator can works together with any device that use original Honda HDS software like VXDIAG MULTI 3 IN 1 for Toyota/ Honda/JLR, Allscanner IT3, HONDA HDS HIM diagnostic tool, GNA600 and so on.

Honda HDS IMMO PCM Code calculator Installation Tips:

1. Software no need install, directly run and use.
2. Please connect USB Dongle when you calculate the PCM Code.
2. Please use the VIN number which read by your HDS machine (when you change your vehicle’s ECU, your real VIN number maybe different from your vehicle stored information)

Product link:http://www.eobd2.fr/honda-hds-immo-pcm-code-calculator-43213.html


Free update for newest V2.9 SKP900 key programmer

Software of SKP900 car key programmer has been updated to 2.9 version this week. The tool is now available on EOBD2.FR for $789, free shipping. Compare with the old versions, the SKP900 V2.9 boasts 8 new features:

1. Add support for LINCOLN MKZ Smart Key Program 2010 upwards
2. LAND ROVER Range Rover Add system update 2013-2014 (fix the bug that keyless entrance can only work within short distance)
3. LAND ROVER Range Rover sport Add system update2013-2014(repaired the bug that keyless entrance can only work within short distance)
4. Add support for Fiat 500 Remote Key Program 2011 upwards
5. Add support for Porsche Cayenne Read PIN Code and Remote Key Program 2004-
6. Add support for Porsche Cayenne Read PIN Code And Remote Key Program 2006-(can only read PIN code for some models)
7. Add menu LINCOLN Key Program with HEC ID-4C
8. Add menu LINCOLN Key Program with PCM ID-4D (2002-2004)
SKP900 does support free update. Below is a quick guide on how to updating your SKP900 to latest V2.9:
1. Input www.superobd.com in your search bar, and then press enter, and you will see the official website of SuperOBD, the manufacture of SKP900 key programmer.
2. Click “Download” on the homepage, and then “Common Files”. As shown in the picture below:
3. Find the document named “SKP-900 Add Free Tokens”. Click the document, and then the file will be downloaded automatically. As shown below:
4. Find the file in your local disk and decompress it.
Note: Only members of the website can download the file. If you do not have an account, you can register one for free. It only takes a few minutes.

Product link:http://www.eobd2.fr/superobd-skp-900-hand-held-obd2-auto-key-programmer.html


My real experience with China GM TECH 2

10-06-2014 Update:

I just placed my order China GM TECH 2 which is the complete package with the 32 MB card from eobd2.fr…

10-10-2014 Update:

It still hasn’t shipped according to their website. I contacted them asking why it hasn’t shipped yet. They are quick to respond, GM TECH2 is out of stock now and hope I would be patient to wait another 3 days, they will try their best to arrange. She even informed me that she declared a $69.00 value to help keep my customs fees low. Since eobd2.fr own good reputation, then I choose wait.

10-13-2014 Update:

I received a notice from the vendor that my GM TECH2 item has finally shipped…..today!!! I got a DHL track number.

10-20-2014 Update:

I received my Tech 2 today. It was a longer than expected shipping time but am quite happy with it so far. I have not yet used it and my first task will be to perform a CKP relearn. I’ll let you know how it goes in the following parts.

Here are some pics:
Package: I did receive the TIS2000 software disc. It was in the bag along with the product stickers. So yeah, I got the full package.

What GM Tech 2 does?

I just performed a CKP sensor relearn and it went perfectly. No problems reported. I also performed a complete diagnostic of my ABS including the motor and EBCM. No problems reported. I also went for a drive for some real time data logging. All looked good. It was amazing to note all of the misfires that were being reported prior to the CKP relearn process. No misfires after the procedure.

Well gentlemen, this unit appears to do everything a real Tech 2 does. It works perfectly so far. The general quality of the unit also appears to be quite good with a robust case and very bright and clear screen. I am very satisfied so far. I know that I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what it can do and I guess I will discover its various functions as time goes on. If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

What Windows Operation Tech2 is compatible?

I keep an old Windows XP laptop in the garage which has my service manuals for all my cars including the C5. At first I’m not sure what I can do with the TIS2000 software, then after I check find it’s working. Someone said VMWare works, and someone suggest Windows compatibility mode works sometimes. Try setting it for windows 7 compatibility and see if it works then, or try another mode like XP. I haven’t try this, and your options?


Why ADS1808 is Worth Buying

ADS 1802 is a smart diagnostic scanner made by ADS Tech aiming to do diagnostic work for Toyota. Maybe a majority of car owners will doubt the US$80.00 bargain for function, while, in fact, you may appreciate its highlights which make diagnostic work more convenient and efficient.


Here list the reasons why is worth buying below:

1. Support almost all Toyota vehicles from USA, Asia and Europe, CAN also supports.

2. It is available to link via Bluetooth and USB cable, meanwhile support both Window XP & Win 7 system and Android.

3. ADS 1802 is compatible with more than 53 systems, such Airbag, ABS, engine, IMMO and more. Additionally offer a link for your reference:

4. Free lifetime update (at least 3 to 4 per year).

So far, what’s your idea toward ADS 1802 OBD2 code scanner ?

And now it is available on Eobd2 for €59.00.